Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome Summer!

I am officially on summer break and it's never felt better! The funny thing is I'm already working on ideas and activities for next year. I guess that's how you can tell when you love being a teacher! :) So far I've made Birthday Balloons for my class next year and I've already started working on my lesson planner as well. I <3 Pinterest!

Thanks to Christie at "Teaching in Flip Flops" for the WONDERFUL idea for the Birthday Balloons! Check out the link to her balloons here. I wanted stay classic for my own balloons so I stuck with some simple bright colors. You can click here to download the free file from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I am also so proud to show off my end of year gifts to my students! I found out about this amazing website called WORDLE where you can enter in any text you want (poems, stories, etc.) and Wordle will rearrange all the words into a "word cloud". You can customize the font, colors and text direction. I did this with each student's first name, last name, favorite color, favorite book, favorite movie, favorite hobby, favorite school subject, and some adjectives to describe each individual student. I saved the image, printed it as a 4x6 and put it in a frame from the Dollar Tree. (I will post pictures later tonight.) They came out SO CUTE and the kids LOVED them! They couldn't believe I knew all their favorite things. :)

I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer full of fun and new project ideas!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Ms. Sidra